2007 & 2008 Movie Bracket Entrants Announced

We continue to select the entrants for our massive movie tournament, we are expecting a launch date for the tournament in mid-July. Stay tuned for more selections of participants as the days go by. 2008 Entrants: 1) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 2) Slumdog Millionaire 3) Milk 4) The Reader 5) Doubt 6) Frost/Nixon … Continue reading

2009 & 2010 Entrants Named

We continue to make decisions on which movies will be included in our massive movie tournament. Here are the submissions for 2009 and 2010: 2010: 1) The King’s Speech 2) The Fighter 3) True Grit 4) The Social Network 5) Black Swan 6) Inception 7) The Kids are All Right 8) Winter’s Bone 9) 127 … Continue reading

2011 Entrants Named

It will take a while to get the brackets completed. Basically the concept is that we will take 16 movies from each year for the past 8o years, and then distribute them into brackets. Here are the entrants from 2011, ranked 1-16: 1) The Artist 2) Hugo 3) The Help 4) The Descendants 5) Midnight … Continue reading

Flick Journey is Born!

I love to spend time doing three things: Traveling, watching sports, and watching movies. I began Stadium Journey in 2009 as a means of exploring those first two loves, but my love for film has suffered as a result. Flick Journey will be an attempt to restore that to my life. This site will look … Continue reading